1. Our Proposal

[1. a] Except as specifically mentioned, our quotation does not include insurance, customs duties, or port costs, including but not limited to demurrage, inspections, or any other fees or taxes due to governmental organizations or agencies.

[1. b] From the date of issuance, our quotation is applicable for 7 days. In any event, reasonable additional fees will be charged in the following situations unless we previously included them in our quotation.

[1.b.i] If the task is accepted but does not start within 7 days.

[1.b.ii] Our costs fluctuate because of fluctuations in freight, fuel, road toll, taxation and other factors beyond our control.

[1.b.iii] If there are any delays or unforeseen circumstances that cause the resources or time allotted to execute the agreed work to be increased or extended beyond our reasonable control.

[1.b.iv] You consent to any reasonable fees that may arise from the above circumstances

[1.c] Insurance

[1.c.i] We agree in writing to offer standard public liability insurance, if appropriate. Please read Clauses 1. c. ii to 1.c.iv for additional information about our standard insurance.

[1.c.ii] We undertake to offer our customers standard public liability insurance at no additional cost.

[1.c.iii] We offer public liability insurance up to $5 million per truckload, Additional amount for the above-mentioned insurance is $500. Upon your request, we can also provide a Certificate of Currency.

[1.c.iv] Prior to the relocation, the customer must agree in writing to an increase in coverage for the above-mentioned insurance, pay a higher removal service price, and waive any insurance excess fees. 

2. We are not normal transporters and ACCEPT NO LIABILITY AS SUCH.

We reserve the right to refuse to quote for the carriage of goods for any particular person and for the carriage of any goods or classes of goods at Our discretion.

3. Stairway Fees

There won’t be any fees for the 12 steps in one flight of stairs.

There will be an additional fee for every additional step or flight of stairs.

Pianos and pool tables are not moved from stairways.  

4. Other than products, damage to buildings or property –

[4.a] It is not always easy to determine who was at fault for loss or damage because third-party contractors or other people are usually present at the time of pickup or delivery. As a result, the following is the extent of our liability.

[4.a.i] If we cause loss or damage to premises or property other than goods for removal as a result of our negligence or breach of contract, our liability shall be limited to making good the damaged area only.

[4.a.ii] If we move items as per Your explicit directions, against our advice, and in circumstances where doing so is likely to result in damage, we shall not be liable.

5. Your Promises and Obligations

[I] You represent and warrant that all data you submitted to us, and on which we have based any estimate or quotation of the resources required to complete the job, is correct.

ii] By signing this contract, you represent and warrant that you are either the rightful owner of the goods or their authorized representative.

[iii] Any time the goods are loaded or unloaded, you must make sure you’re there—or someone acting on your behalf—to be present. You acknowledge that if you or someone acting on your behalf is not present during the loading and/or unloading of the products for any period, we will not be held responsible or accountable for goods not collected, for incorrectly collected goods, and/or for any loss of or damage to goods.

[iv] While the things are being unloaded and/or moved, you should inspect each item. Please make sure to tell our office no later than 48 hours after the project is finished if there is any loss of or damage to products that you believe to have been caused by us. If you don’t notify us within 48 hours of the job’s completion, we won’t be held accountable for any alleged loss or damage.

[v] At the end of the transfer, you must sign the job sheet. If you don’t sign the worksheet when the move is over, it will be assumed that you weren’t there for the loading and unloading and that no damage or loss has been noticed, and we won’t be held responsible as stated in the points above.

[vi] If you haven’t previously informed us in writing about the existence and nature of any such items before making them available to us for loading or storage, you warrant that the goods do not include any firearms or goods that are or may become dangerous, corrosive, highly combustible, explosive, damaging, or noxious. Such items may not be removed or stored by us. After receiving the products, if we come across any item or substance of this sort, we are free to take any reasonable action, including disposal or destruction, without being held responsible to you.

[vii] Before the removal or storage process begins, you must notify us in writing of any goods that are fragile or brittle and are not immediately obvious as such, or that include jewelry, priceless objects, works of art, cash, collections of items, or precision equipment, in any case with a value greater than $1,000.

[viii] To the best of your ability, you must make sure that all items that need to be removed (other than those that are being removed from a store) or stored are uplifted by us and that none are taken inadvertently.

ix] We ask that you treat our movers with respect and refrain from being impolite to them; otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse to finish the job.

[x] Before our removalists leave, you are required to conduct a last check of your home to make sure nothing has been forgotten and that all jobs assigned to them have been finished. Make sure all lights, faucets, etc. are turned off, and lock all the doors, windows, and garages.

[xi] You should turn off the electricity to all appliances and remove any hoses from their taps before our removalists arrive. You should also take anything attached to brackets or walls, such as TVs.

[xii] Our removalists will try to remove items from walls or disconnect and reconnect appliances if you haven’t done those things, but because they aren’t plumbers, electricians, or handymen, we can’t guarantee or warrant those tasks. A qualified electrician, plumber, or handyman should handle these jobs for you or inspect them once they are finished. 

6. Work not quoted

[6. a] If you submit any additional work unless we have agreed in writing, we will not:

[6.a.i] Disconnect, reconnect, disassemble, or reassemble equipment, fixtures, or fittings.

[6.a.ii] Install or take up fitted floor coverings.

[6.a.iii] Remove goods from a loft unless it is safely accessible, well-lit, and floored.

[6.a.iv] Dismantle or assemble garden furniture and equipment such as sheds, greenhouses, garden shelters, outdoor play equipment, and satellite dishes, or relocate paving slabs, planters, and the like.

[6. a.v] Our mover will bring a set of common tools if you request them at the time of booking. However, if any specialized equipment is needed to finish the removal, we encourage you to make the necessary arrangements since it will be your sole responsibility.

Note: Please take note that our movers are neither qualified nor permitted to perform such work. We advise that you separately hire a fully qualified individual to do these services.

7. Our Responsibility and Assurance for Damage or Loss

For all the work we do, we offer a guarantee. We only offer a guarantee for work done by us or by our agents; please see our Liability Matrix below for more information. The work done by you or your agents is not covered by our warranty. 


Moving Process Stages  

Work completed by us or our agent(s)
































Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

Choice 5

Packing Yes No No No Yes

Loading Yes Yes No No Yes

Transporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Unloading Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Unpacking Yes No No No No

Accountability Choice 1Choice 2 Choice 3, Choice 4, or Choice 5 

Choice 1: If we learn of any harm and it was caused by our negligence, we will discuss your alternatives with you.

We shall arrange for the necessary repairs to be made in order to restore the damaged area as closely as feasible to its pre-damage state.

7. A If the object can’t be repaired, replace it.

7. B The choice of compensation. Instead of fixing the goods, we have the option of paying you the worth of the damaged goods as of the time the damage first appeared. If we are unable to come to an agreement on that value, it will be evaluated by an impartial valuer who will be equally charged.

7.C Propose making a claim through our extra insurance. 

7.D Auto Body Damage. You shall get compensation, but only to the extent that we receive payment from our insurer for the damage to Your Goods, if damage to the goods results from the transport vehicle being damaged by flood, fire, collision, or overturning.

Choice 2: If the damage was brought on by faulty packaging or unpacking that was not carried out by us or a representative, we are not responsible. However, if the damage was brought on by our carelessness while performing any responsibilities, we or our agent(s) were accountable for, we will discuss choice 1 with you.

Choice 3: If the damage was brought on by faulty packaging, loading, unloading, and/or unpacking that was not carried out by us or our agent, we are not responsible. However, we will discuss choice 1 with you if the damage was brought on by our carelessness while doing any task for which we or our agent(s) are accountable.

choice 4: If the damage was brought on by improper packaging, loading, or unpacking on our part or the part of our agent, we are not responsible. However, if the damage was brought on by our carelessness while performing any responsibilities, we or our agent(s) were accountable for, we will discuss choice 1 with you.

Choice 5: If the damage was brought on by faulty unpacking that neither we nor our agency performed, we are not responsible. However, if the damage was brought on by our carelessness while performing any responsibilities, we or our agent(s) were accountable for, we will discuss Choice 1 with you.

8. Our ability to outsource the work

[8.A] We hold the option to outsource all or a portion of the job.

[8.B] These terms will still apply if we subcontract.

9. Path and procedure

[9.A] We have the right to determine how and where to complete the task. We believe, 

[9.B] Other space, volume, and/or capacity on our trucks and/or the container may be used for consignments of other customers unless expressly stated otherwise in writing in our Quotation.

10. Charges for cancellation or postponement of the removal

[10.A] If you decide to postpone or cancel this Agreement, we reserve the right to charge You a reasonable postponement or cancellation fee based on the amount of notice provided as described below. “Working days” refer to the regular work week, which runs from Monday through Friday and does not include weekends or public holidays.

10.A.i] More than 7 working days before the scheduled commencement of the removal: Free

[10.A.ii] Up to 50% of the removal fee between 2 and 6 working days before the removal was scheduled to begin.

[10.A.iii] Not more than 75% of the removal fee if there were less than two working days before the removal was scheduled to begin.

[10.A.iv] Up to 100% of our charges may be paid on the day the work begins or at any point after it does. Terms & Conditions Concerning the Website Before using the website, signing up for an account there, or accessing any content, data, or services there, please carefully read the terms of use. When you use a website or its services, you indicate that you agree to its terms of use and that you are willing to be bound by them.

11. Closure

[11.A] We have the right to refuse any work;

[11.B] If the customer provides incorrect information when making a reservation or requesting a quote.

[11.C] If the customer’s improper behavior makes it uncomfortable for the movers to do the task.

[11.D] If it is unsafe to do the job in the workplace. There are also safety concerns.

12. Limitations on Claim [movers packers]

Within seven days of our delivery of the products, you must notify us in writing of any loss or damage. Upon receiving Your written request, if it is received within (2) days of delivery, we can agree to extend this deadline. Such request shall not unreasonably be refused consent.

13. Goods Loading and Unloading

[13.a] The cost and arrangements for the provision of the Goods for loading, to and from the Company’s pertinent transportation vehicle, are the Customer’s responsibility.

[13.b] In the event that the loading or unloading of the Goods is delayed for any reason other than the Company’s or the Company’s subcontractor’s default, the Customer shall be responsible for any costs incurred by the Company as a result of the delay, including any demurrage fees as may be communicated by the Company from time to time or made available upon request.

[13.c] The Customer further guarantees that the goods will be appropriate for carriage on a vehicle owned by the Company.

[13.d] Prior to the loading of the Goods, the Customer has the right to check the Company’s transportation vehicle. The Company’s transportation vehicle shall be considered to be inappropriate and suitable condition for the carriage of the Goods absent any inspection or complaint. After that, the Customer will no longer have any claims against the Company about the state of the Company’s transportation vehicle, and the Company won’t be held responsible for any losses or damages brought on by the inadequate or unsafe state of the Company’s transportation vehicle.

[13.e] If there is a delay of more than 30 minutes in loading or unloading the goods that is not due to the Company’s default, the Company may charge $33.00 (including of GST) for each 30-minute period or portion thereof. Once the company reports to load or unload the goods, the delay time will start.

14. You’re accountable

[14.A] You will be accountable for:

[14.A.i] Acquire all paperwork, licenses, permits, and customs documents on your own dime in order to accomplish the removal.

[14.A.ii] Participate in the removal collection and delivery in person or through a representative.

[14.A.iii] Take all necessary precautions to guarantee that nothing is left behind that needs to be taken away and that nothing is taken away inadvertently. Customer has the right to inspect the vehicle if they have any questions, and it must be guaranteed that all the items they submitted for removal are delivered in whole at the final destination point.

[14.A.iv] You must make sure that any inventories, receipts, waybills, worksheets, or other pertinent papers that we supply you with are signed by you or a representative of your choosing as proof of the collection or delivery of the Goods.

[14.A.v] Make appropriate arrangements for the protection of products left in vacant or unattended locations, or in areas where other individuals, including but not limited to renters or workers, are present or will be.

[14.A.vi] Prior to their evacuation, all appliances or electronic equipment should be stabilized and properly prepared.

[14.A.vii] Clean, defrost, and empty deep freezers and refrigerators. The contents are not within our control.

[14.A.viii] Make sure all household and outdoor equipment is clean, dry, and free of any leftover fluid, including but not limited to washing machines, dishwashers, hose pipes, and petrol lawnmowers.

[14.A.ix] During the removal and transit of the products, please provide us with an accurate and current contact address and phone number.

[14.A.x] The customer is in charge of making sure that the things will fit in the new location (e.g.: size of the sofa and size of the aperture). In such circumstances, our movers will be unable to remove doors or windows and will be obliged to leave the things outside the building. If an expert is required, it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for one.

[14.B] It is the customer’s duty to let us know about the difficult access. No vehicle access, a lack of nearby parking, and crowded stairwell and hallway conditions are just a few examples of awkward access. We retain the right to tack on additional fees if unforeseeable events arise (e.g., waiting for keys or gaining entry, incorrect addresses, etc.).

[14.B.i] Customers are responsible for providing parking; if this is not possible, you must obtain a permit from the local council. Be honest when stating the location of the closest legal parking space, such as 50, 100, etc. If parking is permitted, try to reserve a space for the van outside before it arrives or contacts the local council to obtain a suspension or permit, as necessary. If parking is not pre-arranged, any parking fines received will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid by the customer upon completion. However, if legal parking cannot be found, we will not park there, and the motorist may be asked to move.

[14.C] We shall not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional fees that may result from our failure to carry out these obligations, other than as a result of our negligence or breach of contract.

15. Our Legal Right to Keep the Items

The legal authority of the remover to keep the property in storage until the client has settled all unpaid balances is known as “Len.” If you fail to make the charges and any other payments due under this or any other Agreement, we shall have the right to withhold and ultimately dispose of some or all of the items. These expenses include any fees we have settled on your behalf. While we are in possession of the goods, you are responsible for covering all storage fees as well as any other reasonable costs (such as attorney fees) spent by us to enforce our lien rights and reclaim our fees. These rules and guidelines will still be followed.

16. The following items are not to be removed

[16.A] The following things must not be submitted for removal and under no circumstances will we relocate them unless specifically permitted in writing by a director or other authorized company representative. the things listed below.

[16.A.i] Health, safety, and fire risks could be found below. The items indicated in [16.A. ii] to [16.A.viii] below involve additional dangers, therefore you should create your own transportation plans for them.

[16.A.ii] Illegal or stolen products, narcotics, pornographic material, and objects that could be harmful, explosive, or potentially dangerous, such as gas cans, aerosols, paint, guns, and ammunition

[16.A.iii] Jewelry, timepieces, trinkets, precious metals or stones, cash, securities, stamps, coins, or other items or collections of the same nature.

[16.A.iv] Products that could invite pests or rodents, or that could contaminate or infest areas.

[16.A.v] If we believe that any of the goods are potentially harmful to your health, unclean, unsanitary, or likely to attract vermin or pests, we will let you know as soon as is reasonably possible, along with the terms under which we would be willing to accept them or whether we choose not to. If we decide not to accept the items, we won’t be responsible to you.

[16.A.vi] Items that need to be kept in a controlled environment or are perishable.

[16.A.vii] Any creatures, including birds, fish, reptiles, and plants.

[16.A.viii] Products for which exporting or importing calls for a special license from the government.

17. GST

[17.a] GST Exclusive Amounts 

GST, at the rate in effect as of the beginning date of this Agreement, is included in any sums due under or in connection with this Agreement. If the rate of GST changes over the course of this Agreement, either the Customer or the Company shall pay the other party an amount sufficient to ensure that the amount received by the Company after payment of GST is the same as if the rate of GST in effect at the time of this Agreement’s inception had continued.

[17.b] GST payment

When the GST exclusive consideration or a portion of it is provided, the recipient of a taxable supply is required to pay the GST relevant to that supply to the supplier. However, if the recipient has an Australian Business Number, the recipient is exempt from paying the GST relevant to that supply until the recipient has received a tax invoice (or an adjustment note) for that taxable supply.

[17.c] Compensation

The amount to be paid or credited to the supplier is the cost or expense (reduced by the input tax credit that the supplier is entitled to claim in respect of that cost or expense) plus the amount for GST payable by the recipient when a supplier incurs costs or expenses for which it may be entitled to payment, reimbursement, or indemnity from another party under or in connection with this document.

18. Who owns the products

[18.A] You pledge the following by signing this Agreement:

[18.A.i] The items to be removed are Your property, or they are free of any legal charges;

[18.A.ii] You have the full consent of the owner or anyone with a legal interest in them to enter into this Agreement, and You have made the owner fully aware of these terms and conditions prior to entering into this Agreement and that they have agreed to them.

19. Toll Fees

When using any tollway, there will be an additional fee, and the client will be responsible for paying it. (Unless specifically noted in writing).

20. Employee Abuse

Threatening language or actions won’t be accepted. The customer will still be responsible for payment in full if the driver is made to leave the work as a result of verbal or other abuse.

21. Fundamental

As mentioned above, we take credit cards as well as cash where appropriate. The use of checks requires prior authorization from us.

American Express is not accepted; we only accept Visa or MasterCard.

The customer is not permitted to withhold any portion of the balance owed or additional fees.

Once the unloading has been completed at the storage depot for the time and travel fee involved, your credit card will be charged for the removal services if we have arranged for your items to be placed into storage. If you are not present when the items are unloaded at the storage depot, you expressly authorize us to charge your credit card and sign off on the time it took to finish this job

22. Claim filing deadline

The following deadlines apply to goods damaged for which we bear responsibility in accordance with the liability matrix.

[22.A] Before the movers depart, any damage to the products that may be properly inspected must be notified as a result of our fault.

[22.B]Within 24 hours of the move’s conclusion, the items that cannot be properly inspected (such as those packed in boxes) must be reported for any damage that resulted from our negligence.

23. Imaging and videography

The client is giving permission and giving the business the following authority:

[23.A] When a customer shares a review of a business, the business or any authorized representative may photograph or record photos or videos of the consumer.

[23.B] The business or any authorized representative of the business may copy or screenshot posts made by customers on social networking sites or other public forums where the customer has voiced his opinions about the business. The client cannot prevent the company or any of its authorized personnel from copying or publishing it, nor can the customer get an injunction from a court of law preventing the company or any of its authorized personnel from copying or posting it.

[23.C] By posting or distributing the aforementioned images, videos, or posts on any website, social networking site, or other public platforms, the business or any authorized representative may use them for advertising and business promotion. The consumer cannot remove the aforementioned images, videos, or posts, nor can they take the corporation to court to have them removed.

[23.D] The aforementioned pictures, videos, or posts shall be the sole property of the firm, and the client is not entitled to any ownership in them or compensation.

[23.D] The aforementioned pictures, videos, or posts shall be the sole property of the firm, and the client is not entitled to any ownership in them or compensation.

24. Payments

[24.A.] Payments for the services are to be made via Credit Card or Bank Transfer prior to the day of the service. Unless agreed upon in writing, full payment is to be made before the commencement of the move.

[24.B.] If you are paying via bank transfer, please send the remittance details to our office and allow 3 days for Bank clearing. Failure to receive remittance advice or payment within our bank account 3 days prior, will result in the cancellation of your service and a forfeit of the booking fee if applicable.

[24.C.] You the Customer agree that if We have not received payment in full for the service within the period of one calendar month of the original invoice date then a late payment fee of $40 applies for the first month. Additional Late payment fees will be charged on a fixed rate of 10% per annum for each 3 days that any amount remains outstanding thereafter. 

[24.D.] You the Customer agree that if We have not received payment in full for the service within the period of one calendar month of the original invoice date then your account will be forwarded to a debt collection agency to recover the outstanding debt.

[24.E.]  At its sole discretion We reserve the right to report any non-payment to collection agencies including reporting non-payment to the credit Reference Association (CRA), the TICA database, and your property agent. In doing this your credit rating may be affected and or your ability to seek rental properties/credit in the future.

[24.F.] YOU understand and acknowledge that any chargeback on a Credit card without the written approval of a recognized regulatory authority or written agreement with US will incur a 23% additional administration fee on the balance owing plus GST. 

[24.G.] You understand and acknowledge that any chargeback on a Credit card without the written approval of a recognized regulatory authority or written agreement with US will be referred to a Recovery Agent and this may have an impact on your Credit Score.

[25.H.] Legal action may be taken to recover the outstanding debt and legal costs. 

[25.I.] Under no circumstances refund claims will be considered once the Service has been completed and We have left the property.

25. Booking Times

[25.A] Our Movers do multiple jobs in a day and sometimes a job can take longer due to increased work demand hence they may arrive late on the next job, but our movers will do their best to arrive in the requested time slot and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

[25.B] But often our movers are delayed due to circumstances beyond their control for example:

  1. The customer underestimated the time and booked our service for 3 hours but the job takes 6-8 hours.
  2. Stuck in traffic due to an accident on the road.
  3. Mechanical failure in the truck

Due to the above reasons, we cannot give the exact start time for the job unless you book the early morning first job. When making the booking we always request Morning, Afternoon, and Evening slots instead of the exact time.

[25.C] When making your booking please factor in extra time for these unexpected delays due to factors beyond our control, we will do our best to finish the job the same day. We accept no liability for any monetary or non-monetary loss if our movers arrive late for your job.

26. Governmental law

The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, which shall be controlled by and construed in conformity with Australian law.

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